What is fertilizer


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What is fertilizers?

Fertilizers meaning the large number of natural & synthetic materials,including manure and nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium compounds worked into soil to increase its capacity to support plant growth.


Plants require certain elements as nutrients for their well growth flowering and yielding the crop or fruits.nutrients will play the huge role in agriculture.

Nutrients :

  • Are elements essential to plant and animal growth. In agriculture there are three main  macro nutrients––nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) these are primary nutrients.

Nutrients are classified into 4 types

  1. Natural
  2. Primary nutrients
  3. Secondary nutrients
  4. Micro nutrients
  1. Natural nutrients : Examples are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
  2. Primary Nutrients : Examples are nitrogen phosphorus and potassium.
  3. Secondary nutrients : Examples are calcium,sodium,sulphur and magnesium.
  4. Micro nutrients : Examples are copper,molybdenum,manganese and cobalt zinc boron and iron.

Types of fertilizers

The commonly used fertilizers in agriculture are divided into 3 types.

1. Nitrogen Fertilizer : NH4NO3,NH4CL

2. Phosphorus fertilizer: (NH4)2, P04 and (NH4)3,PO4

3. Potassium Fertilizer : KCL, K2SO4 and KNO3

These 3 main fertilizers are known as N.P.K

  • Single fertilizer : which can give only one nourishing element called “single fertilizer”.

          Ex: NH4CL,NH4NO3 and KCL.

  • Compound fertilizers : certain fertilizers are provide two nutrient elements called “compound fertilizers”.

Examples of Compound fertilizers are : KNO3 Mono ammonium phosphate, DI & TRY.

4.Micro nutrients : are one of the main groups of vitamins your body needs. They consist of vitamins and minerals.
Nutrients strength production, immune function, blood clotting and different functions. Minerals are play well role in plant growth, bone health, fluid stability and a number of other processes.

Micro fertilizers used in small quantity mixed with super phosphate,KNO3. and added as their deficiencies lead to unhealthy growth of plants.

Role of Fertilizers

Role of fertilizers

What is Nitrogen fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilizer mainly for leafs and steam and main constituent  of protein and imparts green color leafs,and it enhance the yields and quality of plants. all the fertilizers will make the soil acidic.

Nitrogen Fertilizer refers to one of the most common categories of fertilizers produced out of nitrogen (N) chemical combinations.  To be considered as an, the plant nutrient must contain 5% minimum of nitrogen.


Plants required optimal amounts of available nutrients for plant growth these nutrients are come from several sources including.

soil organic matter native soil mineral organic material that loaded in to the soil (animal manure etc) Air (Ex fixations of nitrogen by legumes)

commercial fertilizer Nitrogen hit/effect on surrounding conditions. In surface water bodies, Nitrate-N may be a major nutrient that supports growth of (seaweed,etc.) and water primarily based plants, that as they die and decay, hold up atomic number 8 within the water, making a hypnotic condition that starves water-based animals for atomic number 8.

Nitrogen fertilizer sources and formulations Nitrogen fertilizers will produced in a multitude of formulations, each of which has distinct characteristics and utilizes for plant manufacturing technologies. These all start mainly with anhydrous ammonia produced from water and natural gas by the Haber-Bosch process through a chemical response [ 3H2 + N2 at 2NH3] under elevated temperature and strain.

Uses of nitrogen fertilizers in Agriculture.

Nitrogen is an wealthy fertilizer, and even compost and manure used for soil texture and fertility nitrogen used for green lawns.

Potted plants tend to lose nutrients quickly,fertilizer are use to replace those nutrients and maintain the healthy growth.

Fertilizer can improve yields in increase flowering in an ornamental garden.


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