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Know about Grass plants | Types of Grass

Dear Homeowner: Everyone loves a full, green lawn. One that invites your bare feet in the cool of the evening.

I love a green lawn, it just does something to me. It makes me feel more at home and comfortable in my own yard.

I’m also not worried about what the neighbors think either! Because, lets admit it, we’ve all been there… The patchy grass… the rocky soil… and the overgrown weeds in the flower garden that could pass for bushes.


And if you’re anything like me, you just pass the lawn mower over the yard every so often and call it good.

Which also lowers the value your house. But your lawn could be so much more than that and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

It’s true, a nice lawn requires more than a bi-monthly mowing… But it’s not that hard, especially when you know what you’re doing.

Having A Stunning Lawn Is Easier Than You Think

I know what it’s like to take pride in your home.
When I moved into my very first home, I spent lots Of time to considering the form of the lawn and what I could do to looks better.

As I stood on my new porch, I saw clumps of grass that didn’t match the remainder of the grass, dandelions, and weeds. It was just grass – it wasn’t a lawn.

I had visions of a gorgeous green carpet lying out before me as I looked out over my “kingdom”. What I saw was much but that. But I knew I could change that if I wanted to – and that i really wanted to! I started doing research and was simply overwhelmed at the vast amount of data on the Internet alone regarding lawn care and landscaping.


There wasn’t any place that put it together for me in one place. I thought my dream was dead. Well, I kept looking, and eventually I found everything I needed…. Then I thought..hmmmm….I bet there are tons of people out there just like me who are looking to grow green grass, and improve the looks of their lawn… So I decided to come up with a guide compiling all the information that I found.

Did you know there are over a hundred varieties of grasses in the world that can be used for landscaping?

I want to show you some of the incredible information that this article gives you. 

  • How do you pick out the right grass seed for your climate?
  • Is there really a right and wrong way to mow your lawn?
  • How do I get rid of those pesky weeds?
  • What about fertilizers – which one should I use?
  • And much, much more!

Making a choice like which seed you must use are often exasperating and just plain confusing!!  This book tells you about the most popular types of grasses out there and which ones are suited for particular climates.

Then it goes even further.  It tells you about watering your lawn to promote growth, what to look for in a fertilizer, and even how to pick out a lawn mower.  Even the lawn care novice will be able to cultivate a beautiful and lush lawn after reading this article.

Weeds are the bane of any lawn care regimen.  And with some of those weeds, there’s not much you can do to get rid of them without killing your grass.

There are two types of seasonal Lawn grasses

Warm season

Coo season

Types of Grass

1. Bahia Grass

Image result for Bahia Grass

2. Bentgrass


3. Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass

4. Bluegrass


5.Buffalo Grass

Buffalo Grass

6.Carpet Grass

Carpet Grass

7. Centipede Grass

Centipede Grass

8. Fescue Grass

Fescue Grass



10. Zoysia Grass Seed

Zoysia Grass

Types of Grass Seeds

Bahia Grass Seed – Bahia grasses are WARM season perennial grasses commonly used in the south for lawns, pastures and recreational areas.  Bahia varieties produce a durable, drought tolerant and insect resistant lawn.  The primary Bahia variety for lawn applications is Argentine Bahia.  Argentine Bahia is a low maintenance, wide bladed, deep rooted and traffic tolerant Bahia grass.  Pensacola Bahia is most common in pastures and recreational areas but is used in lawn applications in some occasions.

lawn grass of Bahia seed varieties provide a low maintenance or low input lawn. Once established, a Bahia lawn will require little watering, mowing, fertilizing or chemical treatments to maintain. our suggested Bahia lawn seed is produced fresh each year by our Florida based seed production division. our suggested Bahia lawn seed quality is higher than the industry standard with excellent germination and purity. Buy Bahia lawn seed fresh from Amazone store.

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1. Best Bahia Lawn Grass Seed

2.Best Bahia Lawn Grass Seed

Bentgrass Seed – Bentgrass is a COOL season grass variety normally used in the northern climates for high end residential lawns, golf courses, athletic fields and recreational applications.  Bentgrass is a fine textured, dark green, low growing, carpet like grass that requires an experienced caretaker. 

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Bermuda Grass Seed – Bermuda grass is a WARM season grass commonly used for home lawns, athletic fields, golf courses and commercial landscapes in the southern and central states. Bermuda grass is an excellent choice for the central southern states.  Bermuda grass is adapted to poor soil conditions and has shown to survive where most grasses struggle.  Bermuda grass is a fine bladed, dense textured and dark to medium green grass.

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Bluegrass Seed – Bluegrass is a COOL season grass commonly grown in the northern and central climates.  Bluegrass seed is extensively used in lawns, parks, pastures, athletic fields and recreational areas.  Bluegrass is a fine to medium bladed grass with a dark green color.  Kentucky Bluegrass is the most popular grass variety in the northern states due to its easy establishment and attractive appearance for a lawn.

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Buffalo Grass Seed – Buffalo grass is a WARM season grass used in lawn, pasture and turf applications in the southern climates.  Buffalo grass is a average fine bladed bunch of grass that provides a average green color. Buffalo grass is considered a low maintenance, drought tolerant native grass. 

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Carpet Grass Seed – Carpet grass is a WARM season used for lawns in wet southern application areas.  Carpet grass is not a salt tolerant species.  Carpet grass prefers acidic soils and produces a carpet like turf. Carpet grass is a medium bladed, medium textured lawn and turf grass.  Carpet grass has a medium green color.  Carpet grass will requires less mowing than other varieties.

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Centipede Grass Seed – Centipede is a WARM season grass used for lawn, turf, roadside and recreational application areas.Centipede is a very attractive choice for southern lawns due to its low growth and low maintenance requirements.   Centipede is a low growing, dense textured, medium green lawn grass.

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Fescue Grass Seed – Fescue grass is a COOL season grass used for turf, lawns, parks, athletic fields and recreational areas in the northern and central states.  Fescue varieties include creeping red fescue, turf-type tall fescue, hard fescue and chewing fescue. Fescue is a fine to medium bladed, dense textured and provides a dark to medium green appearance.

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Ryegrass Seed – Rye-grass is a COOL season grass used for lawns, parks, athletic fields, golf courses and pastures in all climates during specific times of the year. 

Rye-grass is applicable in the southern states during the winter months and in the northern states during the spring and summer. Rye-grass is commonly used for winter over seeding, erosion control, ground cover and winter forage. Rye-grass is a fine to medium bladed, dense textured grass with medium green color.

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Zoysia Grass Seed – Zoysia grass is a WARM season grass used for turf, lawns, parks, golf courses and landscaping application areas.  Zoysia is also adapted to some of the northern climates area’s.  Zoysia is a fine to medium bladed, dense textured grass with a dark to medium green color.

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Fast And Simple Strategies For Creating Your Best Lawn EVER

Inside the pages of this whole article you’ll learn ways to get rid of these weeds forever or at least keep them from taking over your whole yard.  .

A huge rule of thumb in lawn care is to use offense rather than defense when it comes to weeds. 

That means preventing them from appearing in the first place is the best practice so you don’t have as much to worry about when it comes to removal and control.

“Lawn Care – Professional Lawn Care For Your Home – By You!” is simply the best way I’ve found to get all the information you need to have a great lawn.  But don’t trust me.  

Listen to what others have to say:

“When we built our home and finally moved in, it was less than
what I wanted. Oh, the house was perfect, but the yard was one big mass of dirt with no green anywhere.  We thought about Using sod to cover the ground, but that was just too expensive.

I Write this best article and bought it right away.  I didn’t expect a whole lot but figured what the heck, it couldn’t be any worse than some of the other article out there. 

I was I surprised! I planted my grass seed in early April and followed the suggestions given.  By June, I had a nice, green lawn and had a great start on some landscaping for next year. 

Don’t have a lawn mower yet? 

No problem!  This article reviews the top types of mowers and gives characteristics of each so you can make the right decision about which mower is right for you.  Plus, it gives a step by step guide on tuning up your mower and how to prepare it to withstand winter.

What I found especially helpful, though, was the sections on landscaping and how to build your own backyard (or front yard) waterfall.  My wife loved it too because it gave her a way to participate in the yard work and she had a blast building our rock water garden.

Landscaping is also part of making your yard look beautiful and something to be feel proud of.  “Lawn Care – Professional Lawn Care For Your Home – By You!” tells you about the most popular plants, shrubs, and trees that will make your yard beautiful. 

  • Azalea bushes
  • Butterfly bushes
  • English Boxwood shrub
  • Winterberry Holly    
  • And more!

Plus, learn what conditions these plants need to grow best in and how to place them in your yard so you get the look you are trying to achieve!

Cultivating a great lawn and keeping it looking amazing isn’t just for professionals anymore.

Lawn Plug Planting Guide

Lawn Plug Planting Guide – Planting or Plugging a lawn is a process by which 3×3 inch grass plugs of sod are placed in holes equally spaced in your lawn. Plugs planted evenly in your lawn will spread over several weeks to develop an established lawn. Our lawn plugs have an excellent root system because they are grown in the trays which are shipped to you. 

Planting your lawn with plugs can have advantages and disadvantages to other methods such as laying sod, seeding, or springing.

Advantages of Lawn Plugs

1. Plugs have more roots than sprigs and usually establish a full lawn coverage in less time the springing.
2. Plugs cost much less than sod if they are planted in recommended spacing.
3. Plugs can be purchased online and delivered to your door.

Disadvantages of Lawn Plugs .

1. Digging small trenches and/or holes for each plug can take some time and effort.
2.  Plugs can be much more expensive than simply seeding or springing your lawn.

Selecting the Grass Variety  
We offer Empire Zoysia, Bermuda 419, Centipede, and the St. Augustine varieties – Palmetto, Sapphire, Bitter Blue, Seville and Flora tam.  These are warm season, perennial grasses that will live year after year if given proper care and are properly suited to your climate.

Factors that you may consider when choosing a lawn grass variety include: the desired appearance, primary use, sun and shade requirements, growing zones, salt tolerance, drought and insect resistance and required maintenance.  

Determining the number of plugs needed
To help determine how many plugs you will need, it is a good idea to measure your lawn and determine the square footage to be planted.  Plugs are usually placed in rows diagonal or off set with each other( a crises cross pattern). The closer the plugs are together, the quicker the grass will cover the bare areas in between. 

When planted 1 plug per 1 square foot, the number of plugs equals your square feet  ie. 100 square feet requires 100 plugs.  Since Zoysia grass tends to grow at a slower pace, it is a good idea to space them no farther than 12 to 18 inches from center to center of each plug. Each homeowner must make the decision about how many plugs based on his or her own desires.


Grass analyse Land
Grass per sq ft

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