Fertilizer NPK

Fertilizer NPK these are the three macron nutrients that are essential to the plant growth learn Why is NPK important to plants.


What chemicals help plants grow faster?

Here are the those 3 macro nutrients of Fertilizer NPK which will helps plants for grow faster.

Nitrogen (N) – is responsible for keeping plants green and seeds growth. (ALFALFA Meal) (Cotton seed Meal) (Blood meal) and (Fish meal) Common amendments the high nitrogen contents.

PHOSPHORUS (P) -is for healthy roots and promotes fruiting flowering

Potassium (K) – atomic number 19 may be a nutrient that helps the general functions of the plant perform properly.

These are the main chemicals in fertilizers, also the farmers use these fertilizer.

This is reason why NPK fertilizer used for.Standing within the plant food aisle of a garden or farm store, you’re sweet-faced with a dizzying array of plant food choices, several with a series of 3 numbers like 10-10-10, 20-20-20, 10-8-10 or several different combos of numbers. you’ll be asking yourself, “What do the numbers on plant food mean?”

These are NPK values, that results in successive question of, “What is NPK?” Keep reading to find out additional regarding plant food numbers and NPK.

What is NPK and Why is it Important?

Knowing the NPK values of a fertilizer will assist you choose one that’s acceptable for the kind of plant you’re growing. for instance, if you’re growing farinaceous vegetables, you will need to use a fertilizer that incorporates a higher N 7|chemical element|element|gas} number to encourage farinaceous growth. If you’re growing flowers, you will need to use a fertilizer that incorporates a higher phosphorus variety to encourage additional blooms.

Fertilizer NPK

NPK fertilizer harmful?

Yes Chemical fertilizer are harmful like the ground water pollution nitrogen fertilizers breakdown into nitrates and easy go down into the soil these are water soul-able and can accumulate in ground water for decades.

If you add more nitrogen over the year this will have a accumulative effect. The Urea also produce the ammonia and contributes to acid rain ground water contamination and ozone depletion due to release of nitrogenous oxide by denitrification process.

as per the world wide study they found that Water cantonments are linked stomach cancer goiter -Thyroid enlargement birth defects in babies and also hypertension.

Air Pollution Excessive use of chemical NPK can release green house gases such as carbon and nitrogenous oxide into the atmosphere. and these can cause cardiac disease.

Chemical fertilizer will burn your favorite plants leaf and roots. and also depletion of minerals from the soil can lead to low quality food with lesser mineral.

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