Agriculture in India

What is Agriculture : (Agriculture-in-India) term agriculture is derived from LatinAgar and culture. The cultivation of production and plants and rising of livestock for economic purpose and human needs.


Types of Agriculture

Important terms associated with farming

Soil Type

Major crops of India

Different cropping sessions

Irrigation -(Source)

Important revolutions

Largest Producer -State Wise

Learn About Crop production

Agriculture is that the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock.

Agriculture was the key development within the increase of inactive human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated species created food surpluses that enabled people to live in cities.

The history of agriculture began thousands of years past. when gathering wild grains starting a minimum of 105,000 years ago, emerging farmers began to plant them around eleven,500 years past. Pigs, sheep and kine were domesticated over 10,000 years ago. Plants were independently cultivated during a minimum of 11 regions of the world . Industrial agriculture supported large-scale mono culture within the 20 th century came to dominate agricultural output, though about two billion people still trusted subsistence agriculture into the 21st.

Agriculture Status in India

  • India is an Agricultural country
  • 70-75% of population of India is depends on agriculture.One -third of India’s National income comes from agriculture.
  • Due to green Evolution in agricultural field,now country is self-sufficient in food grains.
  • Now India exports surplus food grains some other agriculture products to other country.
  • Rank 1st in the production of Tea & groundnuts.
  • Rank 2nd within the production of Rice,Sugarcane,Jute & oil seeds.

Importance of Agriculture

  1. Source of Livelihood.
  2. Contribution to nation income.
  3. Supply of food & Fodder.
  4. Source of raw material.
  5. Foreign Exchange resources.
  6. Great employment opportunities.
  • Source of Livelihood -It is the main source of livelihood approx 70% of people directly rely on agriculture.
  • Contribution to nation income -Agriculture is that the main source of value for all the countries.
  • Supply of food & Fodder -Agricultural sector provides food & fodder for humans and livestock ,moreover,livestock also meets peoples food requirements.
  • Source of raw material -The main source of Raw materials to major industries are agriculture.
  • Foreign Exchange resources – The Nation’s trade depends largely on agriculture sector.Agriculture commodities accounts for about 18% of the whole value of export of the country.
  • Great employment opportunities – Agriculture sector provides more employment opportunity to the labor force that reduce the high of unemployment.

Branches of Agriculture

Branches of Agriculture
  1. Agronomy -Is deals with the soil management and the growing of the crops.
  2. Horticulture -Is deals with the cultivation of fruits,vegetables and ornamental crops. And plants conservation landscape restoration, & garden design & maintenance.
  3. Agri-culture Engineering – Agriculture Engineering is the knowledge of farm machines and equipment.It also deals with developing new systems practice to address the problem facing agriculture.
    Agriculture’s Economics – Is deals with business farming it also known as agronomic.
  4. Agriculture Science – is basically the breeding and caring of animals for specific purposes such their meat milk & etc…

Crop Production and Management – Agriculture

Types of Agriculture

The Main types of agriculture are the subsistence and commercial agriculture.

  1. Subsistence agriculture : In Subsistence agriculture the farmer grow crops and rears livestock mainly for the household.


  • It involves the use of family labor
  • Small portion of land
  • Use of crude tools
  • Little or no surplus for sale
  • The output usually is very low

2. commercial agriculture. In Subsistence agriculture the farmer grow crops and rears animals mainly for sale.


  • Uses large portion of Land
  • Uses farm machinery
  • Use of hired labors
  • Yield or output is very high
  • It involved huge money

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