Fertilizer is a substance like solid animal waste or a chemical mixture that you simply spread on the ground in order to make plants healthier and growth of plants and flowers.


Agriculture products
Agriculture products

Agricultural machinery uses for planting the seeds and cultivating the field and more.

Lawn machine
Lawn machine

A lawn mower is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass

Fertilizer Products
Fertilizer Products

How do fertilizers affect food safety and nutrition? by Using fertilizer

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A auto-mover is a part of your smart Home.

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Fertilizer Converter

Kg Nutrient = 100/content % of nutrient in fertilizer. 

Example : Urea = 100/46 = 2.17 

This is we call factor so we need 217 Kg of Urea. 

Length / Distance Converter
Unit converter for length

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